Quintessentials is a 25 channel sound installation. The installation consists of 25 acrylic plates and 125 piezo buzzers, light boxes made of wood and cables. Quintessentials is an exploration of the theories of the Canadian composer and sound artist R. Murray Schafer. He developed the definition of a soundscape and distinguished between two types: Lofi- and Hifi-Soundscape. These two categories have been realized in the installation.
created at the SeaM Weimar (studio for electroacoustic music), Bauhaus Universität Weimar
with Prof. Robin Minard
many Thanks to Gaswerk, Weimar
and Ludger Hennig

More details view pdf (BA media design, Bauhaus University Weimar - Tim Helbig ~5 mb, german)

on exhibition
@ Salon Pink, Gaswerk Weimar (04/2012)