musician aboard the sailing boat LOVIS during contemporary circus performances of companies aquanaut
1h site-specific open-air new-circus performance on a touring sailing boat various harbours in Germany / Denmark (Baltic Sea)

2006 "Siren Shadows" (directing: Oliver Pollak & Patrycja Krupa)

2007 After The Apple (choreography: Jordi Vidal)

2008 »Passage«

2009 »Pirate Queens« (directing: Oliver Pollak & Patrycja Krupa)

2018 »The Golden Fleece« (directing: Patrycja Krupa) musicians: nils alf (sax, clarinet), peter h. lang (keys), oliver räumelt (akkordeon), christian schaden (bassguitar), tim helbig (drums, sounds)

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Sirens' Shadows - compagnie aquanaut // 2006 from Oliver Pollak on Vimeo.